MRI only radiotherapy planning

Spectronic Medical provides technology to fully utilize the potential of MRI in radiotherapy planning

Spectronic Medical offers unique technology for MRI only radiotherapy planning. Our technology increases the precision by which radiotherapy can be delivered to the patient. Thus, the chances of successful cancer treatment are increased and the vast negative side-effects, which often follow patients throughout their lives, are minimized.
Our technology constitutes a complete and CE marked solution for MRI only radiotherapy planning. The technology integrates seamlessly with any clinical radiotherapy workflow and treatment planning system. Through our GRADE phantom technology we also provide the QA tools required to assure the accuracy of your MRI is sufficient for radiotherapy treatment planning.
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Spectronic Medical is a subsidiary of Spectronic AB, based on technology developed in collaboration with researchers at Lund University. Spectronic Medical is focused on developing image analysis products for health care and industry, based on artificial intelligence .
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Since 1964, Spectronic has been engaged in research, development and manufacturing of innovative technology. During many years Spectronic was a pioneer in mobile phone industry, inventing well-known features such as the mobile camera and mobile text messaging.
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